Calling all visionary musicians from around the world!

Taiwan-based LUCfest, Asia’s most exhilarating celebration of groundbreaking music, is thrilled to announce its highly anticipated artist open call.  LUCfest invites you to seize this extraordinary opportunity and take center stage at a festival that has become a catalyst for rising stars and a hotbed of musical innovation.

The annual music conference and showcase festival will be held on November 3 to 5 in Tainan, Taiwan. Previous editions include shows across multiple traditional and non-traditional spaces to a multicultural audience.

LUCfest is renowned for its unwavering commitment to discovering exceptional talent and pushing the boundaries of sonic exploration. Now is your chance to shine alongside some of the most daring artists on the planet. Submit your audacious creations and leave your mark on the international music scene.

Behind LUCfest’s artist open call stands a panel of industry experts with an insatiable appetite for groundbreaking sounds. These curators possess an uncanny ability to spot raw talent and catapult artists to new heights. If you dare to challenge conventions and carve your own path, this is your moment to shine on a stage that has witnessed the ascent of countless musical legends.

No genre is off-limits at LUCfest—whether you’re an indie rock maverick, an experimental electronic wizard, a genre-bending sensation, or a lyrical genius with a unique voice, we want to hear your sonic revolution. The world is hungry for fresh sounds, and LUCfest is the platform where you can captivate audiences hungry for the extraordinary.

Those fortunate enough to be selected for LUCfest will become part of an electrifying atmosphere that thrives on creative energy. You’ll share the stage with like-minded artists, connect with industry influencers, and inspire passionate music enthusiasts. LUCfest’s stage has proven to be a launchpad for countless artists who have gone on to redefine the sonic landscape and make their mark on the global music scene.

To apply for the LUCfest artist open call and join the ranks of celebrated artists like Phum Viphurit, Sunset Rollercoaster, ADOY, 9m88, and Yuta Orisaka, visit the official website. The application deadline is on 14th June, 2023. The organizers will decide their picks for international artists by August 31. Lucky participants will be notified.

This year, the application also includes an opportunity to participate at the LUCfest Music Cowork Writing Camp, where showcasing artists will “collaborate with Taiwanese musicians to produce music together, and have a more direct connection with professionals, as well as opportunities to expand your music market.” While not mandatory, this is a great way to deepen connections with fellow artists and  multinational music industry delegates.

The Rest Is Noise has been honored to be part of LUCfest’s international music delegates since 2018. For our experience during our first two years of attending the premier showcase festival, check out our entries here.

Best of luck!