The Rest Is Noise Recommends (TRIN Recommends) is a new online feature that we started long before we began producing shows five years ago, under the now-defunct Vandals On The Wall music blog. Vandals sought to cover the latest music releases from the Philippines, discovered via methods not entirely depended on algorithms, but largely through happenstance or word-of-mouth. We intend to continue this tradition.

Most of the material we’ve featured through the years were found tucked away in a repository of resources that eventually became both a gift and a scourge in the streaming era. With this much music available, which ones do we listen to?

TRIN Recommends is both an homage to our history and a sincere attempt to wade through a vast ocean of music to find which ones speak to us and which ones have a profound significance through a prism of concepts that affect the personal and the universal.

That said, we encourage the public to regard these selections as merely auxiliary guides and notes. Think of it as swimming in that ocean together.

Let’s dive in.