What do you do with time when, suddenly, you have so much of it? What happens when hours and days seem to languish, one wilting into the next? When the value of each day is dependent on what we did, the last few days are arguably, undoubtedly dispiriting. We have an unlimited resources of entertainment, and yet it’s almost comically difficult to settle on that which brings joy—unbridled, uncomplicated.

In the last two weeks, instead of just looking for new music, I’ve revisited something I used to listen to: K-pop. This seemingly inconsequential, unintended decision led to intimate joy that feels strangely familiar. Being exposed again to it immediately brought comfort, yet it’s “fascinating how most of us take little or no advantage of this tendency for enhancing our enjoyment in life.

South Korean girl group LOONA’s music unburdened me of anger, anxiety, and depression that have been plaguing me since last month. On “Number 1,” a track from their latest EP, [#], LOONA selflessly reassures, “No matter which sky you weep under, I won’t let you go unnoticed, oh I won’t” and that reminds that we are their—sing with me—Du du du du du du ru du ru, [my] number one! 

It’s an irresistible R&B number infectious both in rhythm and its optimism. It looms large in its simplicity, allowing joy to occupy space. It’s the kind of song that doesn’t demand, it just gives. 

Stream Number 1