By Ian Urrutia

In less able hands, “Aquor” would have sounded like a misplaced magic—its lack of subtlety mistaken as empty spectacle, the instrumentation’s ghostly hysteria seen more as an ornamental flourish rather a fortitude that keeps everything from falling apart. But the Indonesian band Fuzzy, I are capable of stifling expectations. At its most imaginative, the psych-pop outfit makes detail-rich music that moves in unpredictable twists and turns. 

On “Aquor,” Fuzzy, I gets lost in the beauty of not knowing where their home is. Suddenly the music feels boundless and freeing rather than reductive, its endless pursuit to plod along without a clear destination leads to astounding new discoveries. No doubt that there’s reward in allowing sonic ambition to take over, but when its met with the right blend of esoterica and composure, it gives discerning listeners more room to swoon, appreciate the subtle innovation and immerse in the aural experience.

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