By Ian Urrutia

Howard Luistro (Oh, Flamingo!, Sour Cheeks, The Etiquettes) temporarily steps out of his bands’ shadows for the release of his debut solo single “Show Up” under the Bird Dens moniker. According to Luistro, the song has been “lying around in his computer for almost two years,” and somehow the timing seems perfectly right for its eventful outing, in a time that badly needs art for reasons deemed personal. 

A closer listen to Bird Dens’ new song reveals the restless spirit that surges in Luistro’s head as a songwriter and producer who managed to find his ground by adapting constantly to changes and unlearning his ways.  “Show Up” represents introspection in a holistic light: a song about feeling the weight of longing and yearning above his shoulders, and hoping for that person to show up even in his dreams. The music is characterized by a laid-back homemade sound with a balance of nuanced experimentation and folk-pop earnestness. The overall product isn’t necessarily an exercise in indulgence, but rather a glorious peek into his sheer quirkiness and individuality as a musician. 

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