THIS SIDE: ASIA is our recurring playlist series which aims to put the spotlight on standout releases from elsewhere in Asia. Launched in 2019, we’ve kicked off with the THIS SIDE: Taiwan Vol.1, which featured old and new favorites, including All of the Noise 2018 alum Elephant Gym (instrumental rock) and Summer Noise 2019 alums Manic Sheep (shoegaze/indie rock) and SEN (experimental rock/post metal).

We’ve had the honor of exploring the robust live music scene in various cities in Asia in the last 1 1/2 years, from Singapore to Seoul, gaining a rich experience and perspective, particularly our shared differences and specific similarities when it comes to confronting the disproportionate attention and support of institutions towards the arts and particularly non-traditional and/or independently-produced music.

THIS SIDE: ASIA not only seeks to celebrate the music from our neighbors, but also provide a platform where they can reach the Filipino audience, including in live settings.

We’re curating more volumes in 2020 and hope to introduce some new favorites to your rotation.