The two-day festival aims to give back to the indie music community in Cebu by fostering inclusivity and representation with tried-and-tested methods that work well in a DIY setting
By The Editors

Taking center stage with an electrifying twist, September Fever returns with a two-day festival that puts a spotlight on the regional independent music scenes in the Philippines.

Now in its sixth year, the event reformats into a Music Talks and Showcase Festival, improving its programming with a more grassroots-leaning, pro-independent music approach while providing an opportunity for budding and self-sustaining musicians to explore the ropes of the industry and learn from key resource speakers in the music business.

September Fever Festival Director Karl Lucente explains, “In a nutshell, this year’s edition of September Fever Music Festival is a dynamic blend of electrifying performances, informative discussions, and a strong sense of community. It’s a moment when music takes center stage, artists shine, and audiences come together to celebrate the power of creativity and the love of music.”

Day 1: Music Talks and Networking Night

Music Talks, a new segment that was introduced by September Fever this year, is designed to empower and educate the participants on the crucial aspects of the industry. Curated by The Rest Is Noise PH, the forum will cover four main topics and has invited speakers from the scene to discuss the nitty-gritty of DIY ethos with tried-and-tested methods to communicate one’s music brand: Music Marketing and Branding (Ian Urrutia from The Rest is Noise PH and NYOU Consultancy); Music PR and Media Pitching (MC Galang from The Rest is Noise PH and AXEAN Festival); Artist Perspective: Touring Local (Mich Paclioga of Loop PH); and Music Production (Tim Marquez of One Click Straight).

“Beyond the performances, the festival is now introducing a series of engaging music talks,” shares Karl Lucente. “These talks feature industry experts who share valuable insights and advice, particularly for those embarking on their musical journey. From practical tips to behind-the-scenes stories, these discussions provide a wealth of knowledge that can guide aspiring musicians and enthusiasts alike.”

From music marketing and branding strategies to navigating the complexities of music production, these guest speakers will share practical insights and valuable tips that can truly make a difference in one’s musical journey. “Additionally, they’ll shed light on touring in our own land from the artist’s perspective, providing a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to make a mark on the global stage,” Lucente reveals.

Following ‘Music Talks,’ the event seamlessly transitions into an insightful Roundtable Discussion that provides invaluable expertise on industry-related topics pertaining to the promotion of local artists. This discourse also proposes the unification of production teams from diverse regions, forming the foundation for September Fever’s 2024 Regional Caravan.

Esteemed music producers, production leaders, and industry experts gather to chart a path that transports VisMin’s artists nationwide while championing the indie music movement—a convergence of creative energies where innovation meets collaboration, shaping the future of VisMin’s indie music scene. The Roundtable Discussion will be attended by various professionals in the Philippine music scene: KC Salazar of Indie CDO (Cagayan de Oro); J Martino “Bobbi” Olvido of John Bottles (Cebu); Sandy Kiamko of Holodeck (Davao); Philip Biboso of Southlab (Koronadal); and Josh Alipe of Sapphire (Cebu).

Day 1 is then capped off with a Mixer/Networking Night that aims to connect the press, industry leaders, musicians, entrepreneurs, creatives, and VIP attendees with the goal of fostering meaningful collaborations and opportunities for the artists. Cebu-based rising artists Lolita Grey and Franciskoe will be performing, followed by a DJ set by the Baihaus spinners.

Day 2: Showcase Festival

While Music Talks lays the groundwork for aspiring musicians in the local indie scene, Day 2 presents a celebration of music excellence featuring some of the most notable names in the Philippine music scenes from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao—be it independent, mainstream, or anything in between.

This year’s September Fever Music Festival artist lineup consists of Cebuano acts Coloura, Kali Hoods, Tomorrow For Sure, Renzo Sy, Sansette, and Wonggoys. They are also joined by guest acts from all over the Philippines: Aira Casti, KRNA, LONER, One Click Straight, Oh, Flamingo!, The Itchyworms, and DJ Love.

Lucente emphasizes that the curation for the showcase format aims to highlight the vibrant tapestry of the Philippine music scene as represented by the eclectic and diverse lineup representing various regions in the country. “This comprehensive approach blends education, entertainment, and cultural exchange, ensuring attendees enjoy the performances while gaining enriching insights for their own musical pursuits,” he adds.

September Fever Music Festival VI is made possible with the partnership of The Rest is Noise PH, Filla Killa, Black Straw Prod Co, and Missing Scene. The music talks and showcase festival will take place on September 22 and 23 at From Here and Draft Punk in Cebu City, respectively.

Tickets are now available via this link.