Hong Kong-based industrial trip-hop duo Deer Mx unveils the visuals for their latest single, “DEAF,” which centers on the “impact of social media on people today. It is about human behavior and its contradictions and how those react to reality versus virtual life,” according to Miguel Bastida in an interview with The Rest Is Noise.

Directed by The HK Fixer with Andrew Honchu Kwok, the music video features a collage of the world’s worst depravities, including wars from the past century and of the present—transpiring as we are rapidly consumed by our screens. “It’s about the thirst for power, materialistic obsession, hate and corruption, and instincts imposed by the digital gods as they invade our senses. They are controlling our impulses and mutating our desires,” Bastida elaborates. “The reality, the truth only exists on social media. If we aren’t present in social media we do not exist. Ethics, empathy, and search for the truth are now obsolete values,” he warns.

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