Best of 2020

By MC Galang, Aldus Santos, Jam Pascual, and Ian Urrutia

Before we wrap up 2020, we’re sharing with you our favorite music this year, including personal essays about a world changed. It’s still changing, and this is how we try to make sense of it, where it’s at and where it’s heading.

It’s early to tell what will be permanently different moving forward, but what we hold onto is what remains the same: how we share music. We hear something good, we write about it, occasionally make playlists with some of it. We reciprocate it among ourselves and then to you. It’s a cycle we hope to continue.

We don’t know what 2021 looks like for us here at home (*NWA plays in the background*) but we’ll be here keeping the faith. In music, that is. Because like Euphoria’s Rue Bennett, we also believe there’s no higher power than Otis Redding—or whoever your version is. That, we believe.